We believe that you played a critical role in helping us package the company for sale and for guiding the process through several critical stages. Your work is much appreciated..
–Tim Root Former President, Pacific Pure-Aid

Pacific Pure-Aid

A venerable Oregon family achieves its goals, and an international firm gains a Willamette Valley toehold.

Orca Capital advised Silverton based Pacific Pure-Aid on its sale to Diana Group, of France. Diana Group was owned by Axa Private Equity, whose $30 billion under management made it one of Europe’s largest Private Equity firms. Pacific Pure Aid, a multi-generational Oregon food processor, had developed unique technology to create organic and natural flavors for various food products.

Family origins

Pacific Pure-Aid had been in the Root family for three generations. It was managed by Tim Root, Harvard educated grandson of the founders. During his generation’s tenure, Tim transformed the fruit and vegetable packing operation into a food technology company.

Complex structure

The Company’s ownership structure was complex. The premises were owned by the Root family, but the operating business was a partnership between Pacific Pure-Aid and Swiss firm Givaudan, the largest flavor and fragrance company in the world. Implementing a sale entailed garnering and coordinating the best terms and price both for the Root family, and for its partner, Givaudan.

The Deal

Tim Root determined that there were no family members ready to take over Pacific Pure-Aid. Tim sought to structure and implement a sale with the best possible outcome for all stakeholders. He retained Orca to assist him.

Orca guided Pacific Pure-Aid through decision making by the Root family for disposition of the Company and the real estate. Orca also carefully prepared an Information Memorandum and presentations of Pacific Pure-Aid for the potential buyers.

By building a financial forecast for Pacific Pure-Aid and communicating future potential, Orca was able to maximize price.

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