LANDesk Holdings Ireland Limited

A venture backed technology buyout delivers VC returns

Orca Capital advised entrepreneur Joe Wang on the acquisition of LANDesk Software from Intel Corporation, backed by a venture consortium. The participants included Vector Capital, vSpring Capital, and Intel Capital. In addition, Orca Capital raised several million of subordinated debt with warrants.

LANDesk Software provides Cloud based systems managementsecurity managementservice management, asset management, and process management solutions to organizations. It is one of the oldest companies providing this type of product, an early introducer and leader in the megatrend to virtual IT technology.

Orca had earlier sold Joe Wang’s 20-20 Software to Symantec.

Deploying Orca in a hot tech deal

Joe Wang sought help identifying his optimal capital resources, structuring an appropriate deal in a fast moving market, and negotiating the best terms and price when he made the acquisition. He relied on Orca’s experience in technology financing and guidance through the process. Orca raised $28 million of venture capital for the deal. With Orca’s advice, Joe accomplished his acquisition and became owner and CEO of LANDesk.

And then it grew

CEO Joe Wang had the vision and implementation skill to take advantage of the rapidly expanding opportunity, and added capabilities to an already powerful growth platform. The company enjoyed a compound annual growth rate of 20%, fueled by burgeoning market growth and sustained technical and market leadership.

A promising technology delivers

LANDesk finally sold to Avocent Corporation for $475.78 million, to the delight of the venture investors. A fast growing market leader and innovator had realized its potential.

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