“A game-changing moment for Scotts Miracle-Gro, for Hawthorne, the hydroponic products industry and the users of our products.”
–Jim Hagedorn Chairman and CEO of Scotts Miracle-Gro Company
“Orca achieved our optimal outcome because of strategic fit. Orca communicated our unique proposition, delivering a buyer who recognized the current and potential value of our technology.”
–Mary Hibbs-Brenner CEO, Vixar, Inc., An Osram Opto Semiconductors company
“Combining (Scotts Miracle-Gro subsidiary) Hawthorne’s industry-leading product portfolio with Sunlight’s unparalleled distribution capabilities and complementary portfolio will benefit consumers and all stakeholders in the hydroponic marketplace. It reinforces our confidence in the future of this industry and takes Hawthorne to a new level as a business with unique competitive advantages.”
–Jim King Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs with Scotts Miracle-Gro Company
“I'm grateful for how our deal came out. You hung in there and made it happen.”
–Art Schweitzer Former President, Green Diamond
“Orca provided a pathway and guidance, finding an acquirer who could see the current and long-range financial potential. Orca’s Randy Moe truly saw us through every step of the way.”
–Mark Savarese Former CEO, Columbia Phytotechnology (dba PowderPure)
“Orca understood our business and its value. They guided us through all the right steps to get us ready and bring our deal to a successful close. Randy Moe just knows how to do it.”
–Butch Voss Principal Owner
“Orca helped us make the case for our value and kept the complex process moving right to the end. The outcome, both in price and terms, exceeds our expectations.”
–Bob Davis Former CEO, TraneOregon
“Orca Capital helped us find the right strategic partner in an evolving market. They really did a good job of identifying all of the best synergies, contacting the key decision makers, and assisting with the presentations and closing. All this while we were running a fast growth business—without disrupting our workforce. In the end, all parties were happy with the results.”
–Kent Holce Former President, Veris Industries
“Norm did an excellent job selling our technology company in 2006. We found him very easy to work with throughout the process, always respectful of our wishes and interests, patient in explaining things. We really came to value his judgement, pragmatism, and calming demeanor that more than once kept the deal on track during potentially contentious stages of the negotiations. But I recommend him most highly of all for his absolute personal integrity that always gave us a level of comfort with his advice, and removed a lot of stress from the very stressful process of selling a business”
–Steve Bachelder Former President, Swiftview
“Once we got into it, we realized that buying-selling businesses is a team sport. Having the A-team in our corner made the difference between a good versus a great outcome.”
–Shoaib Tareen Former President, Anthro
“Norm is a well-known professional with an extensive network who has sophisticated business strategy skills. I would want him to represent me in a liquidity event if I were fortunate enough to have that opportunity again. I highly recommend Norm Duffett as a business counselor, liquidity getter, BS eliminator and friend to anyone who is running a business today.”
–Laszlo Szalvay Former President, Danube Technologies
“We believe that you played a critical role in helping us package the company for sale and for guiding the process through several critical stages. Your work is much appreciated..”
–Tim Root Former President, Pacific Pure-Aid
“I admired the way Orca Capital handled the transaction with such integrity.”
–Buzz Wheeler Chief Executive, Coastal Farm & Ranch, buyer
“I had heard of Norm Duffett's reputation from some of the great work he did in selling BLT Technologies. Then, as a Board member, I witnessed his skill in action as he steered Stormwater Management through raising capital, then selling the company. That led to my recommending him to my partner for the sale of our company. The end result was 3 qualified buyers brought to the table, positioning us for our best price and terms, and we chose the fastest to close. We were extremely pleased with the experience of working with Norm and his colleagues.”
–Robert McClellan Former Chairman, Pacific Coast Restaurants
“Norm Duffett and Orca Capital were of significant assistance to Stormwater Management, Inc...Overall Norm and his colleagues are highly professional, easy to work with and communicate well. He is an excellent addition to any company's efforts to build their financial foundation and/or sell the company.”
–David Pollock Former President, Stormwater Management, Inc.
“Orca created a highly effective Business Summary and provided the RuleSpace management team with outstanding advice during the negotiation of the purchase price and the major terms of the transaction. Orca’s participation in the process led to the rapid development of a Letter Of Intent that was highly beneficial to both parties.   I highly recommend Orca Capital.”
–Alistair Allan Former President & CEO of RuleSpace, LLC